We’re Baaaack! Updates from Next Step!

We’re Baaaack…Updates from the Next Step

I know some of you have complained that the website has been down for waaay too long and you are right so finally we are up and running again. Meanwhile, a whole lot has been going on with the Next Step so let me see how much of it I can remember to bring you up to speed.

Colmer Middle School Bible Readers Club

In August we were able to renew our permission to have the Bible Readers Club again at Colmer Middle School in Pascagoula, Mississippi. As some of you know, Superintendent Wayne Rodolfich of the Pascagoula School District is very passionate about promoting reading skills. Consequently he issued a call to local ministers at a ministers breakfast to come up with creative ways to read to students and encourage reading. After nearly 20 years of working with those in addiction I know very well the “magic age” of 12-13 is when most of them choose the direction of their lives and consequently are usually confronted by addictive substances in accordance with Satan’s Enslavement Plan. So as always that’s the age group I believe we should target to introduce to Bible reading. We went in last February in the afternoons right after school let out and started a club and had some good results but this year we wanted to try one right before school. Mrs. Kim Clark, the teacher of In School Isolation was good enough to come early on Tuesday mornings and provide a room for us and we have had a great time with it so far, enjoying some of our own students who come regularly and introducing new students to the Word as well. Keep this important ministry on your prayer list!

Next Step Goes to Haiti!

As many of you know I went to Haiti 12 years ago on a mission trip to do a pastors conference and for many years have felt there is unfinished business down there. All too often we take the approach of going to a foreign land and telling someone how to be saved through an interpreter who usually is quite capable of doing it himself without us spending a lot of money to go down there and do it. However, we neglect that all-important key of discipleship of new believers and old here in the USA and then we repeat that same shortcoming overseas. So we went down the end of September and early October under the leadership of But God Ministries with the intention of introducing some basic concepts of the War for the Soul to Haitian ministers and wound up doing studies for some young men as well who will be the next generation of Haiti’s leaders. We faced the language barrier and also some problems in Bible translations by preparing ahead of time comparing texts and word usage and the result was that we were able to better explain ideas that otherwise would not have come across successfully. It was so much fun seeing notes about Flesh-Man and Spirit-Man on the wall written in Haitian Kreyole!

Crowley First United Methodist

John and Melissa Nugier in Crowley, Louisiana are in the process of starting a recovery ministry there at Crowley First United Methodist and had us over in October to do a workshop for like-minded people. So many churches don’t see the need for recover ministry or tend to think about those in recovery as if they were a different sort of folks with some sort of mental leprosy. However, this church has been jolted to the reality of addiction because they were forced to remove their own pastor due to his advanced alcohol addiction. Consequently the new pastor and several of the membership have had their hearts awakened to the need and our friends John and Melissa are only too eager to bring all the pieces necessary together to make it happen. Stay tuned!

The Great Red Dragon: War for the Soul Book 2

It’s been 11 years since War for the Soul: Winning Life’s Physical Battles in the Mental Dimension went from a three-ringed binder version to a trade paperback and for the last 10 I have had the second book in the series sitting on the drawing board, getting occasional information added to it as the years went by. Last September the text was completed and turned in to be published. But it should surprise no one that knows the story of the first book that there have been problems that have kept it from being published! Formatting errors appeared, problems getting the spacing right in the text, even files sent that mysteriously didn’t have the correct font have kept this book out of print for a full month now. So be sure to include a prayer against our Enemy’s intervention in this publication as we try to get in print Great Red Dragon: War for the Soul Book 2.

The Journey: Willow Pointe Church Hattiesburg Goes a Step Further

Chris Thomas has led not only youth ministry but also Celebrate Recovery at Willow Pointe Church in Hattiesburg for several years now but he as well as members of his team have recognized the need to go a step further than just the open sharing so good for those entering recovery and start a discipleship level. This past weekend we had the pleasure of a three and a half hour workshop with his team listening to the vision for The Journey and offering insights about overcoming the many challenges recovery coaches face as they step into the chaos of the lives of those in addiction and those in early recovery. Stay tuned!!!

About Martin Britt

Martin Britt is a licensed, ordained minister, an Internationally Certified Addictions Counselor and an Internationally Certified Clinical Supervisor. Martin serves as pastor at Parkway Baptist Church. He served for more than fifteen years with Home of Grace Addiction Recovery Program in Vancleave, Mississippi and travels around the southeast conducting seminars and training in an effort to encourage discipleship in the local church.
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