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PASCO-ConnectionIt had to be a “God-incidence” because with God’s people there are no “co-incidences”. God led Phillip Stanford and others with a vision for Pasco Home in the Mobile area because of a passion to help men coming out of  addiction. God gave me a desire to see men receive discipleship and accountability that they often don’t get.

Here I am a student at University of South Alabama looking for a way to use the training in War for the Soul I got going through the Next Step classes years ago. Here Phillip was with a desire to see the men of PASCO Home learn more about the invisible War for the Soul. Thus The PASCO Connection was born just five weeks ago.

The PASCO Connection is an outreach of the PASCO Home. The PASCO Home is a place where men struggling with coming out of addiction or hard spot can come to a Christian environment, get right with God, and get ready to be placed back into society.

The PASCO Connection is a connect group that meets with the men of the PASCO House and those that want to come. Our goal is to build strong bonds of Fellowship between each other and outreach our community.  After getting a solid foundation for what Connect groups are (Accountability, Discipleship, and Evangelism) we moved onto studying spiritual warfare with the War For the Soul Workbook.

In a Connect Group we use books like this to help guide our discussions. When we start the meeting out we like to share how God is speaking in our lives and if that takes the whole meeting then we are fine with that. When we are not sharing how God is shaping us we go around in an open discussion of that weeks assigned chapter in the Workbook. We are all learning that the greatest battle is fought in our mind and taking thoughts captive. We hope that as we learn more about spiritual warfare that we will grow closer as believers in our walk and with each other.

Men in the PASCO Home have to learn now to take time for their own personal spiritual growth through Bible study, fellowship, and accountability while they are in this environment even though they have long hours of work because otherwise these habits won’t come naturally when they get out on their own again. And in spiritual warfare, the enemy is just waiting for us to lay down our armor!

If you would like to be a part of the PASCO Connection, send a message.

About Nathan Britt

Nathan Britt is a senior at the University Of South Alabama majoring in Electrical Engineering. He is a student trainee for the US Army Corps of Engineers Hydro Electric Design. His ministry background includes leading small groups with high school and college students and teaching 4th grade Sunday school. His current ministry is the Pasco Connection.
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