Blessed Is He Who Is Not Offended

December 7, 2014 ()

Bible Text: Luke 7:18-23, 28; Matthew 13:20-23; Galatians 6:7-10 |


This message was for me today!!! I hope you will also let it speak to you without getting OFFENDED! We as Christians face probably our greatest challenge not from persecution, not from need, but from unbelief. Our greatest challenge in overcoming unbelief is when God chooses to remove some part of our comfort zone, take away our security blanket, and act totally the opposite of our plans. His pruning is intended to make us more fruitful, but if we aren't careful offense will turn us in the opposite direction of more earthly minded and less heavenly good.

By the way…There is no such thing as being too heavenly minded to be any earthly good! Did we miss the part this is a rescue mission not a recreation vacation?

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Noah is the Owner of WPMO 1580AM Radio in Pascagoula MS and the son of Martin Britt. Noah believes in using the resources God has generously provided to spread the gospel to those who have not heard.


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