Be Still My Soul

August 17, 2014 ()

Bible Text: 2 Corinthians 10:4-5; 1 Samuel 30:6; Psalm 42:3-5; Mark 12:30; Luke 21:19 |


Satan is afraid of any Christian whose mind is focused on God instead of self. This person can expand the family of God and rescue slaves from the Kingdom of Darkness. But most of the time he doesn't have to do much to take Christians out of the battle, just send a fiery dart of thought by way of one of his minions and we're struggling within our own thoughts, wounded, and out of the battle! Learning to take control of our thought life is one of the greatest battles but can be one of the most rewarding. Our Enemy loves to keep us confused, angry, depressed, fearful, full of anxiety, etc. We have to learn to talk to ourselves, telling our thought life what to do, rather than being told by runaway thoughts how to think, act, and feel.

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About Noah Britt

Noah is the Owner of WPMO 1580AM Radio in Pascagoula MS and the son of Martin Britt. Noah believes in using the resources God has generously provided to spread the gospel to those who have not heard.


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