Demolishing Strongholds by Ryan Holmes

RyanHolmesEvery now and then it’s good to hear how War for the Soul has impacted individual lives.  Recently I received this email from Ryan Holmes in the Troy, AL.  He has been using the War for the Soul books and workbooks to teach about spiritual warfare for some time. As we know, understanding spiritual warfare can make the difference between living a defeated life as a believer or going out and walking in victory. Ryan has found a rather unique way to help young people understand the unseen spiritual battle…Listen to Ryan tell it:

Recently we took the Kinect Student Group from The Vine Church in Troy, Alabama back in the woods to learn about strongholds. Little did they know that they were about to embark on a journey that would change their lives forever. These students know me very well and they know that I love anything that goes “BOOM” but they did not know that they would actually have a chance to make something explode.

We started our journey into the backwoods dressed in camo for a small group that I call “WAR”. Upon our arrival I explained what strongholds are and how they can affect us, then we moved into our discussion on the stronghold of fear. I began by passing out blank pieces of paper and asking the students to write down some of their biggest fears. We then studied scripture on fear to see what the Lord says about it. Once they all agreed that fear is a stronghold from the enemy, they were eager to learn how to get rid of the fear in their own lives.

The first step in removing the fear was to teach them how to identify their fears

and to learn the warning signs. The next step was to learn scripture (ammo) for defeating this fear. Once again, we went to the bible to see what Jesus had to say about it. I handed out a sheet that had the warning signs and ammo (scripture) to defeat the stronghold of fear.

At this point I asked if anyone was willing to share the fears they had written on their paper. After each person shared their fear I took their paper they had written their fears on and attached it to an explosive. The group then prayed together using the ammo that they learned and came into agreement against the fears in their lives. Once we were done praying we took turns shooting the fears with a 17HMR. They literally saw their fears explode before their own eyes. This was an awesome example of how spiritual warfare works and this was truly a day that these students will never forget.  –Ryan Holmes

 Ryan describes himself as a “Jesus Freak” who loves to worship God.
He lives in Troy, AL with his wife and two beautiful children.

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Martin Britt is a licensed, ordained minister, an Internationally Certified Addictions Counselor and an Internationally Certified Clinical Supervisor. Martin serves as pastor at Parkway Baptist Church. He served for more than fifteen years with Home of Grace Addiction Recovery Program in Vancleave, Mississippi and travels around the southeast conducting seminars and training in an effort to encourage discipleship in the local church.

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