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Praying the Tabernacle of God: The Altar of Sacrifice

Although 20 years have passed, I still tingle when I think about that moment. It has stored in my psyche as a mountaintop experience, when my psyche and my spirit were in tune for a change with God’s Spirit. I was blessed to be able to enter in. I had been to a conference some […]

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The Bible, The Medical Model, and the 12 Steps of AA and NA

I am pleased to announce the release of my new book, The Bible and Addiction Recovery in Kindle format! Hopefully, by year’s end if we find there is enough interest, we may also offer it in a paperback format as well. Well, after many of you have brought up the need for such a source, […]

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We’re Baaaack! Updates from Next Step!

We’re Baaaack…Updates from the Next Step I know some of you have complained that the website has been down for waaay too long and you are right so finally we are up and running again. Meanwhile, a whole lot has been going on with the Next Step so let me see how much of it […]

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The Importance of Selah

As we enter this season of the holiday we call Thanksgiving, we are supposed to prepare our busy hearts and minds to stop for a day and think about what is most important, expressing our worship and gratitude to God for the blessings He has given us. This was the purpose for which the Thanksgiving […]

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The Keys to Happiness

Money, Fame, and Power can’t buy happiness. We learn that every year as famous people commit suicide, OD on drugs, or crash and burn in an amazing variety of ways. I have had the privilege in the past of meeting and treating some of the wealthiest people in our nation in drug rehab! So is […]

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Six Young People Save during our revival and the week after. Time for Discipleship!

The Missing Step

It was a day I have never forgotten, although more decades have past since then than I would like to admit…It was the day of my baptism at 9 years old. I remember the excitement of going down into the baptismal tank, the congregation out there looking on, going under the water for what seemed […]

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Spiritual Warfare 101 Coming up August 15 & 16 in Grand Bay Alabama

Come learn the basics of Spiritual Warfare Friday 6:30PM August 15 and Saturday 8:30-11:30AM August 16 Bethel Baptist Church 3150 Newman Road Mobile, Alabama. That’s 9 miles north of I-10 and 1 mile south of Airport Road. Come have some fun and learn about the unseen war and how to avoid defeat! The workshop is […]

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Precepts, Lines, and a Little at a Time

One of my favorite teaching props fits in a tiny Ziploc bag. No, it’s not fake crack! It’s a small piece of folded metal wire flattened on one side and formed into a wide loop in the middle. I ask people to tell me what it is. Most guys can look at it and say, […]

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MissionAtTheCrossJune2013 009

Mission at the Cross, Laurel, Mississippi

We’re very excited this month to have introduced Next Step Training Program curriculum to Mission at the Cross in Laurel, Mississippi! Bro. Mike Shirley helped found MAC for men some seven years ago as a homeless shelter. But it has now progressed to the point that it is becoming a highly effective recovery program for […]

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The Mirror: Reflecting the Glory of God, One Renewed Thought at a Time!

Last night’s Next Step Recovery Program Meeting #2 brought us to one of the most important concepts of Christianity: The Mirror. I chose a picture of a woman looking in the mirror who has begun to smile for this post . It’s not because she is vain, or thinks too highly of herself. She is […]

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