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Have You Taken the Next Step?

Have You Taken the Next Step? Since I’ve been a teacher and a counselor to those in addiction and recovery for over 20 years now, lots of folks tend to think that the name of my ministry—The Next Step Training Program—comes from the 12 Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous/Narcotics Anonymous. While I do help people apply […]

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The Voice of God: A Walmart Cashier Named Mary

The Voice of God: A Walmart Cashier Named Mary This month I have had an opportunity to reflect on how God often reinvents and redesigns us to do new things for His glory that we have never done before. Sometimes, these even involve a personality change, resulting in our loving things previously repulsive or uninteresting […]

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Making a Grand Entrance into the Kingdom!

With flashing lights, the usual signs of wealth, power, and popularity, presidential hopeful Donald Trump made his grand entrance this week into the Republican National Convention! All eyes fixed on Donald as he entered the room, trying to imagine what surprises were in store as for the coming days and what he could do for […]

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Being Ready for the Kick Back

I walked in on a familiar scene this week. A young Christian was eagerly sharing some verses from the Bible with someone who has not yet come to know the LORD. You could see his eyes light up as he explained the deeper meaning God had show him in the verses that was more than […]

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