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The Importance of Selah

As we enter this season of the holiday we call Thanksgiving, we are supposed to prepare our busy hearts and minds to stop for a day and think about what is most important, expressing our worship and gratitude to God for the blessings He has given us. This was the purpose for which the Thanksgiving […]

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The Keys to Happiness

Money, Fame, and Power can’t buy happiness. We learn that every year as famous people commit suicide, OD on drugs, or crash and burn in an amazing variety of ways. I have had the privilege in the past of meeting and treating some of the wealthiest people in our nation in drug rehab! So is […]

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Six Young People Save during our revival and the week after. Time for Discipleship!

The Missing Step

It was a day I have never forgotten, although more decades have past since then than I would like to admit…It was the day of my baptism at 9 years old. I remember the excitement of going down into the baptismal tank, the congregation out there looking on, going under the water for what seemed […]

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